Julia Halasz

I’m a graphic designer based in the NY/NJ area. My areas of interest include well thought-out design systems, the physical documentation of digital research, and the enduring qualities of virtual archives.

Project 01

Book Cover Redesigns

Process of reflection. I have tasked myself with redesigning the covers of each book I finish reading according to my personal interpretation of its contents. As I complete a new cover, I will publish my archive of redesigns here. Each cover is designed with an hour time limit.

Click here to view the full archive of cover redesigns.

Type: Archive
Purpose: Personal Project
Material: Digital Rendering
Year: Ongoing

Project 02

Senior Thesis Project

Objects exchanged and accumulated during intimate relationships help to represent an overarching collective personality. This project examines my parent’s early relationship as a case study, demonstrating an intertwined narrative dependent on physically transmittable items.

Click here to view the full project.

Type: Archive
Purpose: Thesis Project
Material: Paper, Various Objects
Year: 2020

Project 03


Project completed as part of an application for a position within a brand identity team. The work showcases various marketing materials created for a fictional event.

Type: Project Proposal
Purpose: Application
Material: Adobe Illustrator
Year: 2020

Project 04

Eat Your Feelings: Quarantine Art Book

In an effort to deliver taste-related experiences, I decided to reimagine the process of “consuming” a book. Using popsicles to package my personal thoughts, the user tastes and considers which flavor matches with which feeling. Initial guesses are recorded in an accompanying pamphlet. As the user continues to eat, the emotion association printed on the popsicle stick is slowly revealed.

Type: Art Book
Purpose: Coursework
Material: Ice Cream, Paper
Year: 2020

Project 05

Pratt Institute

Select works created while working as a student designer within Pratt Institute’s creative services department. The included works consist of a print ad, a fundraising pamphlet, a certificate of completion, and an exploration for banner flag designs.

Type: Creative Services
Purpose: Marketing
Material: Print
Year: 2020